About Insight

The Annual Corporate Pannel Discussion

INSIGHT, the annual corporate panel discussion of IISWBM, was held on the 17th of October 2019, sponsored by SBI, with The Statesman as print partner, Presto as gift partner and 91.9 Friends FM as the radio partner. At the event, stalwarts from the business world discuss the present issues that plague the business world and ponder upon possible solutions. This year the discussion was held on whether India can achieve the $5 trillion mark with a GDP growth rate of 5%. The Chief Guest, Mr. Arijit Roy, the director of T.C.G Digital Solutions and the Secretary of the Internal Auditors Institute Kolkata, spoke in details about the present scenario and remedial measures that are being taken by the government. The panel discussion, moderated by Mr. Sougata Pal, included Mr. Indranil Bhattacharya, Mr. Koushik Chakraborty and Mr. Jinen Udani from diverse fields of the business world. At the end the panel concluded that while the figures are dismal now, India still can recover from this economic slump to reach the target.

A five trillion economy by 2024 at a GDP growth rate of 5%

Apart from this, the panel also judged the 'Pitchers' competition where students put forward their own views on recovering from the economic slump, in the form of presentations and videos. The event also had Mr. Abdhesh Singh, the Head (east and west) of Reliance Jio, talk about the digital growth in this age of economic slowdown. Mr. Arthur Cardozo and Mr. Jimmy Tangree ended the event on a lighter note, motivating the students to be good human beings and better managers.